REALLIFEtalks is an online connection for South Asian women who are socially conscious to come together, to learn from each other, and support one another to help build a strong community together.

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REALLIFEtalks is for today’s GEN I (Generation Immigrant) children born here with parents from a different birth country. You’re raised as a Canadian with every benefit it entails but are still expected to honour outdated traditions that might not fit for you.

I hope you enjoy my musing; drop me a line so that I can start the conversation with you.

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4237356Interview with Sumeet Gill, Co-Founder of Nach Balliye and event producer of Lohri for Her. Click HERE to watch.

2564484If Their Parents Only Knew  with Baldev  Mutta, CEO of PCHS. Click HERE to watch.

1174174Mental Health in the South Asian Community with Baldev Mutta, CEO of PCHS Click HERE to watch.

_690861Religion and Culture: Which Defines You?
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“I actually regret not looking at it (the manifesto) earlier…I have to tell you that when I read it, it was so powerful and I identified with every part so much that I broke down into tears…theses are the words I couldn’t express myself. WOW it’s perfect…”

– Pam –

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