REALLIFEtalks Episode 6 – Gen I Ask – Should I Move In With My Boyfriend

Nov 11, 2016

Here in Canada, there are many common-law relationships between couples who are committed to one another but they don’t want to get married. For South Asians the concept of living together without a marriage certificate is often a contenious issue within families. When DearDIDI addressed this question in her column, a reader emailed in her story. She had made the decision to do what she wanted – move in with her boyfriend but she lost the relationship with her mother in the process. These big life decisions can be traumatic for all when culture and traditional norms are challenged by Gen-Is. This discussion was quite passionate because there is a lot at stake, namely the familial relationships. We are also pleased to have Simi, from Jaswant’s Kitchen as our special guest sharing her thoughts on the subject.

Join DearDIDI and the panelists as they share their stories in the sixth episode of the webseries, REALLIFEtalks.

Generation Immigrants are children that are born or raised here to immigrant parents. They are living between two cultures. This show is an honest talk about finding a balance.


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