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“REALLIFE Pictures first started in the early 1990’s as a music production company in Vancouver, BC. It helped launch the careers of many directors including Stephano Barberis – now one of the top County music video directors in the country. Being responsible for the business end of things, I always believed in supporting the filmmaker as much as possible by creating an environment of respect, support and enthusiasm to have the best product on the screen. Although the production company is no more, I have evolved it into REALLIFEpics which takes the same values and applies it to not only the filmmakers that I represent but to all women of color filmakers all around the world. I wish you every success and I will be here to cheer you on!”

– Kulbinder Saran Caldwell, Owner of REALLIFEpics

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Filmmakers supported by REALLIFEpics

pic1Rakhi Mutta

“I’m so proud of my little sis, Rakhi Mutta in making this web series a reality. I’ve had the pleasure of producing some of her short films and I’ve seen her emerge into this fierce filmmaker with a clear, distinct voice. She’s just started and can’t wait what the Brown Girl will come up with next. But I do know, I will be here cheering her on one of her biggest champions”

pic2Sharon Lewis

I’m thrilled to be part of award winning writer/director Sharon Lewis’ Indiegogo campaign to fund the first caribbean canadian sci-fi feature film. I’m also a proud contributor and fellow Brown Girl. This story, Brown Girl in the Ring: The Prequel, by this Brown Girl needs to be told. Working with Sharon has been an absolute highlight of my production career and I’ve dedicated myself to do what I can to help her achieve her funding goal. I hope you will too.

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