Episode 7: Parents Not Sure What to Do When GenIs Need Help With Their Education

Nov 18, 2016

Many immigrants move to Canada to build a new life for themselves and their families. Often, this includes providing their children access to an education system which they wouldn’t be a part of in their birth country. The GenIs’ parents may have had limited learning opportunities, if at all, so they may be unfamiliar with the system, types of resources and help which are available for their children here. When a teacher advises their child may have a learning disability like Dyslexia, the word is often intimidating enough let alone, trying to figure out a way to help and sometimes that’s where it ends for everyone. Some South Asians find it easier to ignore the situation and are more concerned about what the community would say. One GenI asks if we have any suggestions on how to help her sister who needs some assistance. Join DearDIDI and the panelists as they share their stories in the next episode of the webseries, REALLIFEtalks.


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