REALLIFE is an online connection for South Asian women who are socially conscious to come together, to learn from each other, and support one another to help build a strong community together.


I am a life coach, born in Canada and raised by parents who immigrated from India, now married to a supportive white man. I am a work-from-home mom to a whole-wheat baby, devoted daughter and daughter-in-law, loyal sister, struggling step-mom, fiercely committed community activist working with South Asian non-profits. An overall compassionate, non-judgemental person who is just like you, trying to support those in the community to be the best they can be with as much advice and guidance I can provide.” Kulbinder

Kulbinder Saran Caldwell is a communicator who’s instinctual abilities and experience has driven her to become a published writer, a producer, executive director, and a sought-after certified Life Coach. Her skills took her into the top levels of the corporate world and helped her built an award-winning video production company from the ground up. She created REALLIFEblog, a straight talking blog that deals with the different roles she plays in real life. Her superb life coach skills reach an online audience as Dear DIDI, offering contemporary advice on issues in the South Asian community. Kulbinder also offers personalized coaching sessions for those who prefer a one-on-one approach. She also is an Arbonne Independent Consultant where she continues to coach and support women who are on her team to be the best they can be. Kulbinder is committed to giving back and 10% of all Arbonne annual profits will be donated to PCHS’ SAHARA Women’s Group who help South Asian women rebuild their lives after domestic violence.

Community Involvement

Kulbinder cares about her community. After leaving her home and family in Vancouver, she was on her own in Toronto. But Kulbinder quickly found out she wasn’t alone. There was a community in her adoptive city that welcomed and supported her. Soon she was involved and giving back. Through Punjabi Community Health Services she began mentoring young women. Her relationship with PCHS continues today. Kulbinder was the Executive Director of the Sikh Foundation of Canada. She has served on the organizing committee of the Sikh Centennial Gala. Most recently Kulbinder was the volunteer chair for the SIFFT (Sikh International Film Festival Toronto). Kulbinder believes deeply in supporting her community in whatever capacity, whether sitting on committees, organizing events or helping out on an individual basis… every bit counts.


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